Jean Georges, September 14, 2007

Jean Georges

A few quick things to note, before I go into the details of today's lunch. I found out that Top Chef alum Lia, has moved over to Spice Market to get some extra training on spices and such. Why? Because she will be the chef for Jean George's upcoming Mexico City outpost. A bit far away - but can we all agree that it would be terrific to see her open up a new JG Mexican-influenced restaurant in NYC in 3-5 years? Chew on that...

Summer vegetable soup with market beans, tomatoes, basil. This was very light and refreshing and using top notch late summer produce. There was a strong lemon presence. Did they use lemon basil instead of traditional basil or did they overdo it with fresh lemon juice? In any event, a nice start.

Pork loin and pork belly with enoki mushrooms and rice cakes. This was very good. The loin was perfectly cooked but the belly was the most outstanding element. Everything worked on this dish. Fantastic all around.

Banana cake with caramel ice cream. Pretty self-explanatory. And as good you'd imagine.


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