Jean-Georges, September 20, 2007

Jean Georges

Had lunch with the new boss to discuss some work things. What better place to feed your head and belly than at Jean Georges on a beautiful Indian Summer afternoon. We opted, for the second time in my dining at Jean Georges, to eat on the patio.

Side note...don't expect the deliciously creamy butter you've come to love and expect when dining on the patio. They serve olive oil in a side dish instead...though you can request butter. I think it has something to do with the melting factor...

Smoked salmon with a grilled corn and cherry salad (or was it salsa). In either case, it was excellent - elevating the relatively pedestrian salmon to new heights. Bonus: you could make this at home!

The entree options were either shrimp and noodles (see below) or a petit filet. I was shocked that JG would serve filet mignon - such a generic cut lacking the flavor of others, so I had to try it. It was satisfying - with the salt flakes bringing out as much flavor of the meat as was possible. Cooked perfectly except I wasn't thrilled by the potatoes.

Now this is a dessert. Pistachio ice cream with Fraises Des Bois (alpine strawberries) and some crumble and I think a yogurt something or other. This was delicious...and almost too goodlooking to eat. Excellent.


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