Momofuku Ssam Bar

I've been here at least 10 times now, so I figure I might as well put down a recap of the items I've had. It's all good. Believe the hype. And if you don't, good - more room for me at the counter. The service is particularly good as well. Great bunch of people working there.

I've had the following dishes:

Pork Belly steamed buns - I've had this 3 times now and I'm done. A heart stopper.

photo courtesy of Lady Caterina

Pork Shoulder steamed buns - very flavorful

photo courtesy of Jane!

Chicken steamed buns - okay, but can be a bit dry.

Brisket steamed buns - Solid.

Pork Ssam (burrito) - One of my favorite dishes in the city, but can be greasy.

Tofu Ssam (burrito) - pretty good but overly tofu-y

photo courtesy of cchen

Chicken Ssam (burrito) - okay if a little dry

Bahn Mi sandwich - unreal. A little small but it goes a long way.

photo courtesy of kathryn

Grilled Lemongrass Pork Sausage - Texturally interesting and nicely seasoned.Marinated

Hanger Steak Ssam - solid dish, seared just enough.

photo courtesy of lady caterina

Pork short rib stew - excellent. Rich and flavorful.

photo courtesy of 100 Five

Dr. Pepper - I love that they serve this. It goes great with just about all of the food.

photo courtesy of kathryn

Hitachino Red Ale - one of my favorite beers at the moment. $9 hurts though. Even my wife, who doesn't care that much for beer really liked it. Figures, it cost $9.


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