Coffee Shop, Sept. 24, 2005

Coffee Shop
29 Union Square West (16th Street)

Simply put, what everyone says about this place is pretty accurate. The waitresses are really good looking models making some money between photo shoots but the food and service is lacking.

Our service issues were minor and not enough to discuss in this corner of cyberspace and the food wasn't at all awful, but just not good enough to warrant a return visit or even a recommendation.

Danna ordered the Irish Oatmeal (it was a crave thing) and a side of bacon. I ordered blindly, the eggs Ipanema, not having any idea what they were. I figured I'd roll the dice. What I did want was another Brazilian breakfast stew of some kind, but for the price, I wasn't sure it'd be worth the risk. I went on to to see what the name of it was, but to my surprise and frustration it doesn't list any of the breakfast items.

In any event, Eggs Ipanema is not as rare a dish as I was led to believe. A google search lists it on restaurants all over the place. One definition is such:
“Eggs Ipanema” (poached eggs on English muffins with tomato, crab cakes and spicy tomato sauce). Now my dish didn't have any crab cakes near it, but everything else is spot on. It's basically a spicier version of Eggs Benedict.

One thing I will say...their home fries were quite tasty. They were crisp and not chalky, well seasoned and overall a better version of your typical diner variety.

Would I go back...probably not on purpose though I'd still like to try that dish I can't recall the name of. Worth going once, sure, why not.


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