Park Bistro and P.S. 450, Dec. 13, 2005

Quick note...I'm officially a regular here I think. Danna's Christmas/Holiday party was tonight so I was on my own for dinner. Later I'd meet up with Danna, Sonya and Kathy at PS 450 for post-party drinks, so I made the logical decision to eat at Park Bistro which is equidistant to both my home and PS 450.

So I went in, had a seat at the bar and ordered the Coq au Vin after seeing Danna enjoy hers so much a few days earlier.

It was indeed very good. Unfortunately the bread and butter they served me was not so good. The bread was a bit stale and the butter was frozen. Ugh.

But Marouf treated me to an endive salad which was very nice. I opted for Kronenbergs tonight over wine being that I'd be drinking for a few hours afterwards. The coq au vin was wonderful and good enough to wipe any remnants up with the stale bread.

I spoke to the chef who encouraged me to try the cassoulet next time. I was going to have that tonight, but my recent experience at Artisanal with their overly-garlicked cassoulet made me wary - especially when I knew I'd be with Danna's female coworkers. What a buzz kill that would be...but chef Robert Shapiro assured me that it was nothing like that. It's on my queue.

At P.S. 450, where my all-too-good-looking-for-his-own-good, friend Brian R. bartends (he's also my wife's colleague, Sonya's boyfriend), I proceeded to become friends with Mr. Jack Daniels and later, when the girls finally arrived already wasted, some bar snacks including cheeseburger sliders, french fries, hummus and a fish quesadilla. The slider was only passable...the brioche bun being the best part. The fries were very, very good but I had to pass on the quesadilla as I was in no mood for fish of any kind. Jack Daniels, shots of Jamesons and fish do not go well together. And apparently, the quesadilla didn't go well for anyone. Danna and Kathy (Kathy only ate the quesdadilla) were both sick...Danna to the point of vomiting, after eating this. AVOID it. In fact, as much as I like my friend Brian and the owners of this establishment and Vig 27, the food is pretty lousy at both of these places. Not one option on the menu at Vig 27 looks appetizing. Which I simply don't understand. My visit last year to Punch and Judy, another restaurant/bar under their control, was quite good, albeit nothing like the two Murray Hill establishments. They reconfigured Punch and Judy during the summer and it now, unfortunately serves hard alcohol. I guess they have to in order to survive the Lower East Side...but what a bummer. I liked it the way it was.

P.S. - The Treo camera sucks.


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