Park Bistro, Dec. 6, 2005

Park Bistro

Brief Review...

Danna and I went here for the second time together (my 5th or 6th visit) and were warmly greeted by Marouf and Hailey.

Marouf, gentleman that he was, offered us a glass of champagne which we no doubt accepted.

I had the quail appetizer, seared foie gras as another appetizer and steak onglet. For dessert I went for the bread pudding. It was all quite excellent as usual. The quail, crispy and flavorful, was laid out whole, something I'm familiar with but that was distracting to Danna. The foie gras was nicely seared adding that second texture needed with the dish. The brioche is sat upon was perfectly crisp on the top and edges and billowy inside. This was served with an applesauce and drunken (port?) pears sliced and elegantly stacked. The steak, cooked medium rare to a tee was very good but seemed to be missing something in the garlic/parsley compote its topped with. Not sure what...but I remember it having an extra little something the last time I had this.

Danna had the onion soup (far better than the version at La Petite Auberge, but still not as good as mine :)), the foie gras and the Coq au Vin which she absolutely loved. I had some and have to say that it was quite good but her foie gras wasn't completely de-veined. She had the pear millefeuille for dessert. A great dinner as always and Marouf is, well, Marouf...a true host.


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