Maremma, Nov. 18, 2005

228 W. 10th Street (bet. Bleecker and Hudson)

Just a quick note...

Had a glass of wine (name escapes me, sorry) at the bar and ordered the Wild Bill Cody from their "Big Plates" menu. This was pappardelle with chocolate-wild boar sauce/ragu. And it was excellent. The ragu had a fair amount of both shredded and chunky pieces of boar. The pasta itself was perfectly cooked and of a nice, fresh tasting flavor.

This was a PERFECT dish to have after imbibing at Employees Only for a few hours, which happens to be around the corner.

The space is pretty cool, relaxed and very unpretentious and somewhat sleek with its hidden bathroom doors. It's a place you could get really comfortable with and just chill. I think it strives to be neighborhoody as opposed to destination-driven. And the sound level was nearly hushed. Nice.

I'll most likely be back...especially since the menu is reasonably priced and happens to be near one of my favorite watering holes.


Blogger Mona said...

Cool, haven't heard of this one before. Happy Thanksgiving Badge-any plans?

4:30 PM  
Blogger BADGE said...

Hi Mona,

Pretty cool place. My classmate's (at I.C.E.) partner owns the place and I happened to be in the area. If you're in the area, its worth checking out but don't go out of your way.

Thanksgiving is with the in-laws this year (though my parents live about a mile away, so I'll see them as well).

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!


10:08 PM  
Anonymous Kate said...

What is the name of the watering whole? I think I might try Maremma when I am next in town and would love to have a few drinks afterwards...

1:43 PM  
Blogger BADGE said...

Hi Kate,

The name of the bar is Employees Only. I've reviewed it on here (scan the list of restaurants reviewed on the right) and really enjoy it everytime I go. Note, they open at 6:00pm and also have good food of their own.


10:58 AM  
Anonymous Kate said...

Hey Badge, Thanks for the info and the link. This place looks wonderful, but would it be too much to go there after WD-50?
I am getting into NYC at around 9pm on Friday night. We have reservations for WD-50 for Saturday night. Should we go to Employees Only after our meal at WD-50 or should me go there for a more casual meal on Friday night?
I am staying in the Upper East Side, is there somewhere great but casual and not too pricey you would recommend in that area I could go after a long day of driving on the Friday? Thanks!

10:37 AM  
Blogger BADGE said...

Hi Kate,

Sorry to get back to you too late...but just in might be a bit too much/out of the way after dinner at WD~50. WD~50 is located in the Lower East Side (as you are well aware of I'm sure) and has a ton of great places to go for an after dinner drink...including The Stanton Social (happenin' crowd/mixed drinks), Punch and Judy (wine), Schillers, etc.

1:01 AM  
Anonymous Kate said...

Hi Badge,

Do you think perhaps we could swap emails, I would love to have a foodie contact in NYC. I am coming to NYC in two weeks and want to ask you a few questions about where I should go. That dumpling place outside your school sounds amazing.
Anyway if you will let me pick your brain please email me at


4:46 PM  

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